Clear Creeks Project Pre-Assessment Form

Clear Creeks Project

Pre-Assessment Form

Please fill out this form to be considered for a Clear Creeks Project conservation garden. Submit your completed form via email to Darcy Herman at

To receive a Clear Creeks Project garden installation, your property must be located within the Bird River, Little Gunpowder Falls, Loch Raven South or East, Lower Gunpowder Falls, Middle River, or Tidal Gunpowder watersheds. You may also be asked to host a workshop in conjunction with your garden installation (ideally including snacks for participants) and to recruit 5 people to help with the garden installation at the workshop.

Please keep in mind that there is currently a wait list to receive a FREE yard assessment. As a small non-profit, we have funding to do only a limited number of assessments and garden installations each year. We encourage you to fill out and return this Pre-assessment Form to reserve your spot on our wait list, which we are actively managing.

Clear Creeks Pre-Assessment

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Site Analysis

Watershed your property is located within*
*Additional information about Loch Raven Reservoir: Please note that the Clear Creeks Project has expanded into two subsections of the Loch Raven Reservoir watershed. Your property might be in the larger Loch Raven Reservoir watershed, but not eligible for discounts. Our staff will be able to determine if your property is in one of the approved Loch Raven Reservoir sub-watersheds pictured in the map at right.

Clear Creeks Project Promotion

Will you assist in promoting your Clear Creeks Project garden workshop (post flyers, invite neighbors, family, friends?), as applicable?*
Are you interested in participating in a do-it-yourself Design Workshop if you are not able to receive an installation this year?*

Bay-Wise Practices offered by the Clear Creeks Project

“Conservation of land and conservation of people frequently go hand in hand.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Preserving the land protects the streams and rivers that flow through the land - we cannot protect the water without protecting the land.