Engage Communities

Community efforts lead to positive change.

GVC was founded in 1989 as a grassroots organization to bring people together with the shared goal of protecting the natural beauty, resources, and history of the Gunpowder Watershed. Today, we are guided by our vision of a Gunpowder Watershed that consists of healthy lands, healthy waterways, and healthy communities. Our free educational workshops and initiatives help us connect the public with the necessary tools to make a difference for future generations.

Education and Outreach

GVC hosts free workshops and presentations for various audiences. Together, we can improve the health of our local forests and waterways.

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Clear Creeks Project

GVC is part of the pollution solution. Take action to reduce stormwater runoff with Bay-Wise practices.

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Community Projects

GVC helps local groups take their stewardship of the Gunpowder Watershed to the next level. Learn how we help green communities.

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