2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

It is crucial that we continue protecting the waterways that sustain most of Baltimore's drinking water supply and preserving the Gunpowder's natural beauty for future generations. With your support, we can!

Corporate Partners

Over 35 years, GVC has built a strong reputation in our watershed community. Our work stands for itself - countless happy clients and dedicated volunteers, thousands of trees planted, hundreds of conservation gardens installed, and 38 conservation easements held in partnership with local landowners preserving over 2,000 acres of the beautiful Gunpowder watershed.

Your company will receive year-round recognition, a personalized volunteer opportunity, and incentives for your employees to network and/or participate in fun activities.

For more information, please contact GVC Executive Director, Kim Pause Tucker, by email or at (443) 901-6041.

Event Sponsors

Let the community know that you share GVC's vision of a Gunpowder watershed that consists of healthy lands, healthy waterways, and healthy communities. Become an event sponsor of one of our signature events:

Event sponsorship opportunities range from $500 - $2,500. Your business will be featured through a variety of print and online materials with a reach of about 8,000 people in the greater Baltimore area. Our audience includes watershed protectors, nature enthusiasts, community leaders, and business professionals.