Land Preservation

“Conservation of land and conservation of people frequently go hand in hand.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Helping You Become a Better Land Steward

The Gunpowder River is our connection to the Chesapeake Bay. We cannot protect the water without protecting the land. When you preserve land in the Gunpowder Watershed , you are:

Protecting our drinking water sources: Prettyboy and Loch Raven Reservoirs are both located within the Gunpowder watershed and provide over 60% of the greater Baltimore area’s drinking water supply.

Sustaining wildlife habitat: Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), an indicator species for healthy streams and prized by anglers, thrives in the Gunpowder’s cold water. The Brook trout is just one example of a key species that calls the Gunpowder “home.”

Enhancing public spaces:  GVC seeks to conserve lands near public parks and other resources, protecting the view, the water quality and the great outdoors that people enjoy. The Gunpowder watershed is well known for its recreation opportunities including public beaches, remote Eastern Hemlock forests, Class III rapids and the 20-mile Torrey C. Brown Trail.

Preserving our agricultural heritage: Local farms provide fresh food sources and support a tourism economy, with attractions such as the Piedmont Wine Trail.

Now is the time to save the places people need and love in the Gunpowder watershed.

Land Testimonial_Riley

“When I purchased a home with 23 acres of land and a Gunpowder River tributary running through it, my plan was to subdivide a building lot to help cover the investment. The longer I lived there and enjoyed the stream, the less I wanted to give up any of it. A friend connected me to the GVC. First, I placed an easement on the property and then allowed native trees to be planted to create a forest stream buffer. I appreciate all the GVC volunteers and the work that they have done here. I enjoy “my stream” every day, so I share a common goal with the GVC to preserve this unique and beautiful resource for future generations.” 

Cindy Riley

Land Testimonial_Riley Trees

“We believe that the first thing that interested us about the farm at Bird River Beach was the great potential to be an oasis in an area that was continuing to be overdeveloped. We saw the beauty in the land that with a little love and a lot of hard work it could be thriving again as a natural setting. With the help of the GVC and lots of volunteers, relatives, friends and neighbors our dreams are coming true. To date we have finished a 10 year grading restoration project, planted hundreds of trees, pond enhancements and wildlife habitat creations. Some of the projects that are ongoing are wood duck and bluebird nest boxes, honey bees, organic farming and wildlife food plantings. We welcome visitors and new natural enhancement ideas. Having a property in a GVC easement has been a partnership that has made a true oasis for us and future generations”.

Victoria and Norm Sines

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Since 1989, the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy has successfully preserved over 2,000 acres in conservation easements. We’re here to help you become a better land steward today.