Individual actions add up to make a big impact.

You can make a difference for future generations in your backyard or by volunteering within the community. There are many opportunities out there for individual efforts at GVC. Read on to see what role you can play.

Land Preservation

GVC has preserved over 1,800 acres. We’re here to help you become a better land steward today.

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Clear Creeks Project

GVC is part of the pollution solution. Take action to reduce stormwater runoff with Bay-Wise practices.

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Tree Planting

GVC has planted over 34,000 trees to create and enrich forest habitat. Get involved as a volunteer or property owner.

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Forest Stewardship

GVC maintains newly planted trees to ensure they grow into healthy forests. Learn how you can become a forest steward.

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Adopt a Stream

GVC empowers individuals and groups to clean, monitor, and protect streams and rivers in the Gunpowder Watershed.

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Stream Clean-Ups

GVC has removed over 270 tons of trash from our watershed. Do your part to prevent trash from entering the Chesapeake Bay.

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Rain Barrels

GVC has conserved over one million gallons of water. Learn the benefits of harvesting rain water on your property.

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Conservation Gardens

GVC installs gardens that feature native plants to provide functional beauty and much more.

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