Rain Barrels

Save Water, Save Money, and Save our Local Waterways

A rain barrel captures water from your roof and downspout and stores it for later use. Homeowners use their harvested rainwater to irrigate their lawn and garden, wash cars, or simply infiltrate back into the ground during drier periods.

In a typical summer season, a rain barrel will save the average homeowner 1,300 gallons of tap water normally used for outdoor watering needs. The Gunpowder Valley Conservancy (GVC) sells rain barrels that are repurposed, food-grade barrels donated by local companies, including McCormick and Dejon Vineyards.

Rain Barrel Benefits

  • Reduces water bills
  • Protects homes from water damage
  • Captures "soft water" that garden plants prefer
  • Recharges groundwater naturally
  • Slows down runoff to reduce erosion

Rain Barrel Workshops

GVC offers multiple rain barrel workshops each year.

Anyone can attend a workshop to learn about the benefits of a rain barrel, as well as installation and maintenance techniques.

The costs for the rain barrels are as follows (assembly kits included):

  • Clear Creeks Project residents and businesses: $35/barrel and FREE installation
  • Outside of project area: $70/barrel

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GVC has conserved over one million gallons of water. Learn the benefits of harvesting rainwater on your property.