A View With The Future In Mind

2023 Dowell Farm

June 24, 2023

GVC Executive Director, Kim Pause Tucker, reflects on her first experience monitoring conservation easements in the Gunpowder Watershed.

Preserving land plays such an important role in ensuring a healthy watershed. As of this year GVC has preserved over 2,000 acres of land in our watershed and our efforts to increase this are ongoing. After we finalize an easement, we’re not done…

Part of taking on an easement is that we have the responsibility to monitor and defend these easements in perpetuity. To fulfill that responsibility, 14 volunteers met at Manor Mill early on a rainy Saturday morning to gain training and then visit the properties and complete our monitoring reports. I had the absolute pleasure of serving as one of the monitors. We broke up into small groups and divvied up our easements for monitoring. I tagged along with Ann Jones, everyone’s favorite land preservation expert, and even got to meet a couple of GVC’s easement property owners.

We started at the Dowell’s property in Monkton. I caught a glimpse of the cows on the way down the drive and was in awe of their gardens and beautiful historic homes that they have restored on the property. I was excited that they had time to chat with us. We sat on their back porch for a while to get to know each other. I learned about their home renovations, their experiences with GVC, a recent tree planting we did on their property, and more. Over the years, they put so much thought, effort, and care into restoring their land – from removing invasive plants to improving the quality of the soil. It was absolutely beautiful and a lovely experience. Looking out on their beautiful property was such a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do.

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