Meet Our New Volunteer Coordinator


Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Eakes, and I’ve been working with GVC since August- you may have seen me at some tree plantings or rain garden workshops. But starting in 2024, I have moved into the new role of Volunteer Coordinator. I will be doing coordination and communication for GVC and leading the stream programs. Stream cleanups are my favorite! In college, I was the president of a student organization that hosted stream cleanups every Friday.

I was born and raised in rural Northern MD, so I’ve always possessed an affinity for nature and a strong connection to Maryland’s waterways. I received my bachelor’s degree in Global Studies with a minor in Environmental Science, and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Writing. Before joining the GVC team, I was a second-grade teacher. I’m passionate about motivating others to engage in their natural curiosity and to care more deeply about their local environment. I love applying this passion to my work with GVC! In my free time, you can find me reading or writing, running on trails, doing yoga, or traveling with my camera. 

Thank you to the GVC staff and volunteers for making my first six months with GVC welcoming and memorable. I’m excited to continue my GVC journey as the new Volunteer Coordinator.  

If you need to contact me about anything volunteer or stream related, email me. Make sure to visit our online calendar of events in the upcoming weeks for our full spring 2024 schedule.