GVC Rain Garden in the News

The Baynes family has lived in the Chesapeake Bay area for over 90 years. The Bay continues to provide a wonderful life for their family and friends with boating, crabbing, skiing, and so much more. Ibby Baynes, the family matriarch, wanted to preserve what has been so integral to her family and community. In 2018, Ibby reached out to Lockheed Martin, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources to inquire about stabilizing the bulkhead of Baynes Cove, the family’s residence on Seneca Creek that includes a community boat launch for Bowleys Quarters residents.
Those initial conversations led to bigger plans to improve Baynes Cove. The first step? Install a rain garden on the weekend leading up to Ibby’s 90th birthday! On July 27th, approximately 30 volunteers, many from Bowleys Quarters, came out to plant native flowers in the garden that will help reduce stormwater runoff from entering Seneca Creek.
You can now experience the Baynes Cove rain garden workshop yourself by viewing WJZ Baltimore’s news coverage as well as a short video produced by our partner, Lockheed Martin.