Thankful for the GVC


As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends, we’d like to share recent testimonials from Gunpowder Valley Conservancy’s volunteers and partners. We are thankful for your gratitude!


Bradley Cook, former Student intern and Crew leader

“Gunpowder Valley Conservancy was my first job opportunity in the environmental field, in addition to my first leadership opportunity. The experiences that I gained during my two years working with them cemented my interest in the field and allowed me to take my first steps into becoming a leader.  The GVC crew really does so much for communities throughout Maryland in terms of both environmental stewardship and education. I can’t think of a better non-profit to work for and look forward to seeing what they will do next.”


Joanne Mattson, Zion United Church of Christ

“Zion United Church of Christ in Perry Hall had a banner year in 2018! We partnered with the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy to gain Bay-Wise Certification for our church campus, as well as install a rain garden, edible Bayscape garden, and rain barrels. The edible garden project was initiated by a local girl scout who was working towards her Gold Award. These partnerships created a perfect storm of fellowship, community, and education for our church. The theme for our Vacation Bible School this summer was ‘Nature Explorers,’ and all of our gardens were a focal learning point for our lesson plans. All in all, we are now an example of the community of the many positive things individuals can do to protect our planet. This was made possible by the wonderful and caring people of the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”


Sonia Jaiswal, Rain Garden volunteer

“[Before the workshop], my son and I didn’t know about rain gardens and how having a rain garden reduces the pollution into the watershed. My son and I were there to learn the ‘American View’ on how to solve an issues. It brought both of us outdoors; my son would have otherwise sat comfortably at home playing Xbox. We learned a lot form the science point-of-view..We also learned how to find the watershed that is close to our residence..I believe in trying new things as it opens our mind and we break out from our comfort zone.”